Design Portfolio

Sculpture installation
Tilt Clock
In 2010, I had created a clock dial design wherein the hours formed a tilted square rather than a circle. The one, four, seven, and ten are called out instead of the traditional twelve, three, six, and nine. The first installation was made in 2016 in the corporate offices of Tradesmen International, LLC in Macedonia, Ohio. The most current version is in my living room.
T Clock
In late 2018 I designed a clock for my sister-in-law Theresa with a promise to send parts to her after the new year. Life kind of got in the way and I didn't finish the project. But in the summer of 2023 as I was moving from one apartment to another, I found all the old pieces and sent them all out - along with some improvements to the design. The updated plan was less complicated and more friendly to the forces of gravity and air flow. And in no time flat, my brother just up and built the thing!
Alien Language Clock
I designed this clock from a concept I came up with in the mid 1990s. I drew the icons in Adobe Fresco and imported to Adobe Illustrator, where I plotted their size and arrangement. I then printed them out and affixed them to corrugated cardboard. They are attached to the wall with velcro, as is the quartz clock movement, ordered from Klockit.
Honeycomb Clock
Sculpture installation. Large hexes are acoustic studio tiles spritzed with yellow and red dyes. Small black hexes are foam coasters. Quartz movement and hands from Klockit.
Kate Clock
Clock designed for my sister. Made from a series of horizontal boards attached to the wall with Velcro. Painted with accents from the home. Round black dots are felt furniture cozies.
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