Design Portfolio

Interference Playing Cards
This deck is a design improvement of one of my very first playing card design projects. It features artwork inspired by the expressionists of the early 20th century. The highlight of this design is the multi-layered vertical noise in front of the principle figures, which I feel (in tandem with the ghostly hollow-eyed faces) creates a post-industrial, post apocalyptic feel which I particularly dig. They feature a double-ended back design, 100% custom faces, and a custom designed tuck box. ALSO - the edges of the faces have been carefully crafted so that the edges are uniform and double-ended.
Type+Color Playing Cards
Type+Color is a set of decks utilizing different color schemes as the primary identifiers of each suit - rendered in the different typeface styles - the BOLD SANS deck uses Helvetica Bold and the ITALIC SERIF deck uses Georgia Italic. Pips are placed in the corner of each card, bleeding off the live area.
Xerography Playing Cards
The artwork on these decks has been processed and enlarged in numerous generations by photocopiers, creating the unusual color separations and shape contours that you see. This look is inspired by independently printed band posters of the 80s and 90s. These decks feature a double-ended back design, 100% custom faces, and a custom designed tuck box. For the court cards, I asked some friends and family to mimic the poses of the traditional figures in the cards. Kings and Jacks (and the Queen of Spades) needed to hold a vertical object of their choice in their left hands while Queens (and the Jack of Hearts) needed to hold a smaller object of their choice in whichever hand was appropriate. And the Jack of Clubs has a flower in her hat. Each model created and fashioned their own look for this project. Finally, there are 18 different pips for each suit in this deck, with no single pip duplicated on any one card.
Nook Industries Playing Cards
I created this 54-card deck of playing cards as a gift to employees for the Nook Industries holiday party in 2012.
Playing Arts Design Contest
Playing Arts is holding a contest for a new deck where all the cards are submitted by independent artists. In this contest, I was assigned the Six of Clubs. Here is my submission.
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