Design Portfolio

Hey Mavis: "Hate Monkey"
Packaging and artwork for the 2024 album "Hate Monkey" by Hey Mavis.
Ditties for Piano from the Time of the Plague
Cover art for Mark Allender's album Ditties for Piano from the Time of the Plague. Includes visualizations of the various compositions.
Golems of the Red Planet
Cover art for Golems of Red Planet digital singles
JMI Youth Big Band cover
Sam Eastmond of The Spike Orchestra contacted me to create a label for a mock 78rpm record. I created the label, which Sam printed and applied to an actual record, which was used to stage a photo. This photo became the artwork for "Maoz Tzur," a single released by the JMI Youth Big Band, an ensemble that Sam leads.
Charlie Peacock - West Coast Diaries Volume II Vinyl
Artwork for the vinyl release of Charlie Peacock's iconic album WEST COAST DIARIES, VOLUME II
TORU Album Covers
A series of album covers for TORU, a free-improv group based in the UK. Two CD packages were created and 24 digital EP's. A third CD package was designed, but the full project was never finalized.
Hey Mavis - "What I Did" CD digipak and poster
Laurie and Eddie Caner asked me to put a Digipak CD package together for their new album "What I Did." After providing me with several photographs, I put this concept together - merging the front cover with some illustrations by Laurie. They also had me put together a tour poster using the "What I Did" branding and coordinated the print with a local printer.
Shapeshifter - album cover by Cole & Cofffman
I was approached by the band Cole & Coffman to create the cover for their new album "Shapeshifter." Matthew Coffman presented me with a series of photos. I created several designs and this was the one the group decided on.
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